2012 IMAGINE Schedule and Program Costs

The IMAGINE program initially ran for an entire month, but to accommodate the needs of students across continents we have divided the experience into shorter research modules. You can participate in one or more modules depending on your academic needs, and time and monetary limitations. Each module is based in a different location that will provide you with unique research experiences. One "Eco Tour" module was added to the program to give students the opportunity to have some time for adventures, while potentially still participating with other students and faculty on the program.

Contact Dr. Melissa McHale for more information - mrmchale@ncsu.edu

Schedule 2012 -

May 26 - U.S. students need to arrive in Nelspruit (Mpumalanga International Airport), South Africa by 3 pm on the 26th of May

May 27 - June 9: RESEARCH MODULE - Kruger National Park/HaMakuya, 3 Credits

June 10 - June 16: ECO TOUR MODULE - Private Game Reserve/Hiking in the Drakensberg, 1 credit

Program Costs -

Each module will cost $1500 per student. These costs do NOT include airfare (travel to or from the program) and personal items or medications; however, they DO include all accommodation, food, and ground travel while on the IMAGINE program. Also included are course credit fees for NCSU students.

Scholarships are available from multiple sources. Apply to scholarships when you apply to the program. Also, include a statement of need in your application.

Module Options -

The Eco Tour module is obviously all about having fun, but the research experiences before and after are designed to highlight unique socio-ecological lessons while touring South Africa.

You have three main options for joining the IMAGINE program.

1. For $3000, experience one of the two research modules and the eco tour module.
2. For $1500, experience one research module in HaMakuya.

NOTE! Due to the changes in the program this year, I am tempted to offer one more option just to make things complicated ;) If you would like to join us for the Hamakuya Module and also come to the private game reserve for two days afterwards (but NOT go for the hiking trip in the Drakensburg) we can add you to our game reserve tour for $400. Tshukudu is a private reserve where we have a chance to walk with cheetah and a baby lion, as well as experience close encounters via open vehicle with Rhino (and other wildlife). If you talk to past students and faculty you will find out that there is nothing in the world like spending two nights here. Wild cheetah and a feisty bush pig roam around the pool and breakfast tables in the morning - and dinner is a bush braai buffet served around a fire. If you chose this option you would pay $1500 for the Hamakuya module, and another $400 for the Tshukudu experience (all inclusive game reserves are expensive).

Below is a general calendar of our IMAGINE program. US Students should plan on arriving at Mpumalanga International Airport in Nelspruit (via Johannesburg) on May 26th. We will work with a University travel agent to assist you in your travel schedule. Students leaving after Hamakuya or Tshukudu should plan on leaving from Hoedspruit airport (to Johannesburg and back to the US) on June 10th or June 12th, respectively. Finally, students traveling to the Drakensburg for the extended ecology hiking tour will want to leave Mpumpalanga International Airport on June 17. We will need a minimum of 4-6 students signed up for the Drakensburg eco-tour to officially schedule this trip.


(This page was updated Jan 9, 2012 by Dr. Melissa McHale)